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The ‘Delicious’ Story

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Hand-crafted cakes, delicate pastries, pretty cupcakes, showstopper desserts, warm bread rolls, plaited loaves, finger-licking food or divine sip-ups. Whatever tantalizing treat you’re in the mood for, let delve into Deliure’s tried-and-tasted delicacies that would leave you agape in wonders. Whip up a batch of delightful treats from the comfort of your own home with our selection of sugar-sweet baking mixes.
Deliure brings together two of our favourite tenets: innovation and exceptional quality. Utilising the finest ingredients around, our daring combinations are presented in our stylish way that will both tantalise the taste buds and satisfy the aesthetically minded.

Its About Perfection. About Experience. About Sensations.

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A magician always wear a hat and carry a stick. Ours wear a chef hat and carries love.
Preparing from the heart, our artisan bakers makes it fresh daily with skill and care, many using single origin raw materials that can be traced back to the source. This extraordinary craftsmanship of Deliure Chefs go into creating a masterpiece of unmatched tastes, textures and aromas.

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Every fine blend of ingredients brings the taste. But what brings the taste to life is the heart our chef that is involved in your personalization.
At Deliure, we don’t just create exquisite products, we create custom-made experiences. With an assortment of creations to ensemble your every craving, we also offer an opportunity to set free your imagination and design your very own customized cake as per your requirements.